Monday, 2 September 2013

Summer Brief - Person/Place: Fortnum & Mason (Inside Fortnum & Mason)

Fortnum & Mason obviously have their own logo. However, inside the building there are lots of different restaurants where their food and drinks can be enjoyed. I wanted to explore how each of the restaurants differ in terms of their logos and the layouts of their menus.

The Fountain Restaurant

Below are a couple of examples of design work for The Fountain Restaurant at Fortnum & Mason. I particularly like the use of colour, how they have used the same shade of blue to link it to their branding, and also how they have designed an illustrative logo to specifically represent the restaurant, but once again link to the main Fortnum & Mason symbol as it is also decorative and representative of a crest.

The Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon

I think the pattern design which has been applied to the background of the menus is ideal for the Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon, as it is very vintage looking and strongly represents English heritage. The use of the eau de nil for the typography along with the main part of the flower allows the whole design to work well as a whole and represent Fortnum & Mason.

By simply inserting a vertical line down the right hand side a new selection of tea is subtly introduced whilst allowing continuity through the rest of the design so that the separate sheets work well as a whole menu.

The Gallery

I absolutely love the logo design for The Gallery. By subtly incorporating the staircase entrance in with the typography it gives just the right impression and allows the audience to have a slight inkling of what sort of atmosphere to expect there.

The Parlour

I think out of all of the designs so far this has to be my favourite. The illustration which has been created for use of the main logo works extremely well to portray The Parlour as being an exclusive and special place to purchase ice cream as well as unique drinks. It is also very versatile as it can successfully be replicated, and by simply altering the use of colour and selecting sections of the initial design, separate areas of the illustration can then be representative of certain products they have available. This is something that will continue to stay fresh and applicable for future designs.

1707 Wine Bar

A subtle yet very clever use of typography in this design. The '7' has been altered to look like half of a wine glass, allowing the audience to use their imagination and create the other half of it. I have always been interested in black and white design and this it always creates a sophisticated outcome. It most certainly does in this example. I also think that the design on the bar works really well with the font used for the digits as well, tying the whole place together and making it work really well visually.

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