Monday, 2 September 2013

Summer Brief - Person/Place: Fortnum & Mason (Honey Harvest)

I also came across this link on their website, explaining all about the different honey they produce on the roof of Fortnum & Mason. The beehives themselves are designed to coordinate with the rest of the building, they are beautifully crafted and this just demonstrates how much pride they have in the production of their honey. They sell about 30-40 different types of honey from around the world, providing them with a wide array of different packaging designs. 

Below is information provided on the website about the making of honey as well as how much honey is produced dependent upon the weather each year. I am really interested to research further in to the different types of honey that is sold there and how the packaging differs.

I decided to source a couple of examples from the Fortnum & Mason website, I searched 'honey' and a variety of products were found. The first example below caught my attention as the packaging has been thoughtfully designed, by incorporating an illustration of the flower included in the description of the product, adding a personal touch.

The packaging for this hand wash is very well suited to the product. The description portrays the product as a being unique and luxurious and the illustration and choice of font certainly gives off the same impression.

The label on this jar was particularly striking to me, as the Fortnum & Mason logo has been applied to it, whilst at the same time they have used a decorative font and given it an elegant touch, making it memorable in my opinion.

I love the simplicity of this book cover, the illustration is so detailed and has a hand rendered feel to it, which is something I absolutely love including within my work when possible. The clear type along with the decorative font once again, gives a professional, intriguing finish. I would be very interested to research further in to more of their editorial designs to see what they are like inside.

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